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1. How can I get into the Pretrial Diversion Program?

All Pretrial Diversion Programs must be approved by the State Attorney’s Office. If a judge has referred you to the Pretrial Diversion Program, the State Attorney must then approve your case. ­­­Pretrial Diversion approval is verified by mail with instructions regarding an intake appointment. If twelve (12) or more weeks have passed since a judge referral, call our office at 407-836-3000.   

2. What if I am on Pretrial Release?

You are not enrolled in a Pretrial Diversion program until a contract with the State Attorney is signed.  This means that all Pretrial Release conditions must be continually met until the Pretrial Diversion contract is enacted. You are still obligated to uphold all required phone calls, officer visits, and other orders and sanctions.

3. Who do I contact if I have a court date or my address has changed?   

For information on court dates, contact the Orange County Clerk of Courts Criminal Division at (407) 836-2066. To change your address, call the Orange County Clerk of Courts Traffic Division at (407) 836-6000. You can also visit It is important to update any change of address with the Clerk of Courts IN WRITING to ensure all court notifications are received. Missed court dates may result in arrest and/or ineligibility for Pretrial Diversion programs.

4. Can I participate in Pretrial Diversion if I live in another state or country?

Yes. However, all DUI related Pretrial Diversion candidates must sign contracts in person. Contracts for offenders of other crimes may be enacted by mail. Most Pretrial Diversion requirements can be met at approved locations near you and contact may be maintained via phone, mail, or email. Keep in mind that you may be required to return during the fourth month of your supervision program.

5. What if I don't think that I can afford the cost of the program?

DO NOT DECLINE A PRETRIAL DIVERSION CONTRACT FOR FINANCIAL REASONS. Speak with your designated officer if you have concerns about the cost of your Pretrial Diversion program. 

6. What if I'm not able to complete the requirements for the Pretrial Diversion program successfully?

Pretrial Diversion is only offered once. If you are terminated from the Pretrial Diversion program for failure to complete conditions or adhere to program requirements, the Office of the State Attorney will be notified and you will be scheduled to appear in court. 

7. When and how do I pay?

You must wait one week after your contract is signed before making payments for your cost of supervision. You will be instructed on how and when to pay your fees during your intake appointment.  Visit to pay with a check or credit card. 

8. Now that I have been arrested and charged with a crime, what do I say on a job application?

Before completion of a Pretrial Diversion program, your criminal record will indicate an unresolved case. This is not a conviction. Upon completion of a Pretrial Diversion Program, your criminal record will show your participation in a deferred prosecution program and exoneration. 

9. What if a criminal record prevents attaining a job in my career field?

If you'd like your record shielded from public view, you may ask the court to expunge your record or hire an attorney to do so. Expungement is not a component of Pretrial Diversion programs and must be pursued independently upon completion.

10. What if I don't want to participate in the Pretrial Diversion Program?

There is no penalty for deciding against Pretrial Diversion before or after beginning the program. However, you MUST notify the Clerk of Courts. The Office of the State Attorney will then be notified and a new court date will be scheduled.